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Keeping a Close Eye

To Protect Your Property

In the world of business, security is of high importance – company property, material and activity are kept under strict confidentiality to prevent leakage of information to outsiders. As with anything else, the options for security are abundant and one can be lost in the sea of information or be spoilt for choice when it comes to good security measures to protect their property.


Security Advice

"Like a knight in shining armour standing outside medieval castles to porotect the King and its occupants, Knight Intelligence & Forensics Pte Ltd is a leading player in the Singapore security industry. They were incorportated in 2005 and started out providing security consulting to clients from abroad."


IN 2008,

it decided to enter the commercial investigation and security industry where a license is needed. The 2 directors, Mr. Roy Ramachandaran & Mr. Mathew Kurian applied and were successful in obtaining a license that would allow them to dive into commercial investigation and the local security industry. Now, not only do they provide security consultations and advice to overseas clients, they also provide security solutions to local clients as well. Their objective has always been about providing effective and customer focused solutions.

They achieve this by being in constant communication with their clients and understanding what they want and need before coming up with the best solution that meets their goals and expectations.

They recognize that different clients have different needs and providing just a simple and template-type solution is not going to cut it for them. Mr. Roy Ramachandaran, Managing Director of Knight Intelligence & Forensics Pte Ltd, or Mr. Roy as he is fondly called by his staff, understands this need and the best way to approach this would be to come up with customer-focused solutions.

Intial Steps

of Mr. Roy

Mr. Roy was part of the Police Force in his younger days before he joined an MNC dealing with security solutions. After some years there, he decided to call it quits and start up his own and at the same time, Mr. Mathew Kurian who is a successful advocator & solicitor with wide experience in security industry decided to join hands, thus the formation of Knight Intelligence & Forensics Pte Ltd.

The future is to focus on identifying and addressing ways to leverage and solve emerging challenges and to forge initiatives to establish a trusted customer-based platform. Entering the industry was not easy with the presence of more established competitors but Mr. Roy relied on lots of hard work and dedication. His staff are also motivated and passionate for the job and that has helped Knight Intelligence & Forensics Pte Ltd retain their clients over the years.


Mr. Roy who holds a Bachelors Degree and is also a strong believer in life long learning and to date have acquired numerous certificates, awards, and testimonials which is associated with the Security Industry. The future looks bright for Mr. Roy and his team . His team is currently looking into new areas like for example animal crime investigation and cross border investigation.

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